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The *SpHEAR Project

TinySpHEAR with Zapnspark interfaces

The TinySpHEAR microphone is a traditional 4 capsule tetrahedral first order Ambisonics microphone. This improved design adds four printed circuit boards with Zapnspark phantom power interfaces housed in the microphone body. A trailing cable ends in four XLR connectors. The picture shows the full design as previewed in OpenSCAD and a picture of the second prototype (built with Primo EM182 10mm capsules, 9.6mm microphone radius).

The 3D models also include a shock mount that clips into a standard microphone stand mount. The two main model files are tuned for EM182 (10mm) and EM200 (14mm) capsules. Uncomment the different "render_" lines to render different parts or the complete microphone assembly.

A few more pictures detailing the assembly process:

Wiring the capsules:

Connecting the capsules with the printed circuit boards:

Sliding the printed circuit boards into the slots in the body:

Connecting to the 4 conductor cable:

Ready to test:

The full microphone including the shock mount: